"Unplugged Weddings"

We had quite a few questions about "unplugged" weddings at the weekend. I rate them. I think its more about guests having respect that the couple have paid a substantial sum of money for a photographer with professional equipment that will out shoot an iPhone any day of the week.

My advice, go unplugged for the ceremony, stay seated and out of the aisle, enjoy yourselves and then receive high quality images after the wedding! If a photographer can't work around iPhones for the rest of the day then they probably shouldn't be shooting, you only get one shot at the ceremony! 

Nowadays you just have to accept smart phones are part of weddings so I'm not on a massive rant here as it does fall on deaf ears week after week... But the time spent in Photoshop trying to fix images for this reason is exhausting and not the answer. Throughout the day I try to photobomb as many smartphone photographs as I can (as payback), I'd laugh my head off to see some of the results as I can be quite stealthy! 😇😇

The very next worse thing is "Uncle Bob" the amateur videographer trying to get video from one position in the crowd. I'd imagine 90% of this video is useless and no where near the quality you would hope or want to watch again and again. For this reason when a couple doesn't have budget for a full on videographer I do offer a "Video/Still Option" for $800. Details of this can be requested via info@nickthake.com and a short blog post in the making.

Just a few examples of my "Smartphonobia" during ceremonies, this is not an attack on any of the individuals featured, just examples of how an innocent smartphone can potentially spoil a pro shot. The last one is me being creative during getting ready shots which I welcome :) 

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