Helen and Gav

What to say about this weekend….well it actually started last week with a sneaky intimate (and highly awkward) ceremony in Helen and Gav’s backyard in Perth with just 6 of us attending! Following the paper work, ~50 of the couple’s closest friends and family made the journey to Broome this weekend to witness the two wed on Cable Beach led by Helen’s father David. Now I’ve known this couple for quite some time now and in particular the Humphrys …in fact the entire time I have been in Australia, they are essentially my surrogate family here in Perth, so when Helen and Gav asked if I would shoot their wedding in Broome I had to accept the honour (not to mention take on the challenge).

A totally chilled vibe wedding was met with smiles, fun, beautiful sunsets, stunning food and a few champagnes….and jacks on the beach later on but I won’t go there (my head still hurts).

Hels - you made an amazingly stunning bride; Gav - even though you were awkward af to photograph, you looked very dapper and were super sweet to Hel’s all day, so I couldn’t be happier for you both -the two of you together make a perfect couple. I really could go on and tell the story but for now I’ll share this larger than normal sneak peek…so for the wedding crew still enjoying Broome life, sit back, crack a beer, grab a cocktail and relive the day! Congrats Hels and Gav xxx

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