"Rain Rain Go Away....Don't Ruin My Wedding Day!"

It's Australia, it's February, and yes it's raining! Unbelievable! But it happens year after year - I had quite a few conversations at eBridal last week where brides were asking what the likelihood of rain would be in September, my answer: "there's always a chance, so lets be prepared!", this weekend just proves my point.

It's a week before the wedding and the forecast is rain...So what can you do? Probably first and foremost, if you have an outside wedding of any sorts see if there are inside options, failing that your budget just increased a little... hire a tent! We had a backyard wedding in September, so knew a tent' marquee was a must in our budget, the other thing is it really does help create a nice atmosphere and element of fun - who doesn't like dancing under a big top! Jason from Savannah Tents info@savannatents.com.au did a fantastic job with his "stretch" canvas tent. These things fit any kind of space and are totally customisable which is perfect for every nook and cranny, and they are weather proof!!!

Being a photographer I should probably talk about capturing your soggy day and the one thing I do tell brides is "embrace it"! A good photographer always has a few tricks up his sleeves to get the most out of any situation, whether it be clever lighting techniques or more practical solutions there are always options. I recently purchased 5 matching white umbrellas which sit in the car waiting to be used; do a call around and see what you can find (mine are for rent!!).

So the following images are a few of my favourites from over the years plus some inspiration from other great photographers around the world facing the same weather problems! If you are getting married this weekend share some of your shots on my page, I'd love to see them! Happy wedding, and don't forget you'll laugh about it whilst sitting in the sun sipping on a margarita whilst on honeymoon!