Video Work

That's right, I'm not just a photographer! I love video work as it really tests my artistic skills and puts me in an awesome creative mindset. From corporate information videos to action packed windsurfing films, I've got a shed load of equipment and I'm not afraid to use it.

Tell Your Story

Interviews are a great way to deliver a project or brand, having a face and voice to overlay footage with provides a more in depth understanding to a video. I've utilised interviews to deliver building projects, mine site openings and scientific research programs at sea, it's a great value add to any video. You can pre script or my preference is to supply me with questions that will prompt a more natural response.

Flying cameras

Need that extra angle from the sky? I hold both an RePL (Drone Pilots Licence) and a ReOC (Commercial Operators cert) and I use top shelf drones such as the DJI Inspire series with a variety of lenses to suit the situation - see my aerial imaging page HERE

Swimming Cameras

I've shot underwater for many years now, diving since 1998 and freediving since 2005. I also have a ADAS Commercial Diver Part II qualification for industry specific needs and a PADI Rescue Diver for everything else. As a marine scientist most of my work has revolved around research and capturing content for organisations such as Woodside, AIMS, CSIRO and SANTOS.

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Understanding Coral Recovery to help restore the Great Barrier Reef

Filming the CSIRO/UQ spawning team in the field at Heron Island Research Station - Great Barrier Reef. A very hectic week of full days diving followed by husbandry work in the research facility working hard to capture the spawning itself and the various projects devised around the spawning.

Ningaloo Outlook Project with CSIRO

At home in Ningaloo, Western Australia, I'm lucky to revisit the town I once called home and follow a team of scientists monitoring the wide expanse of the reef. Using drones, underwater cameras and interviews to demonstrate CSIRO's research in action!

Pygmy Blue Whale tagging with AIMS

This contract was simply amazing, having the opportunity to steam around Ningaloo looking for whales on vessel "MV Whalsong II" with marine mammal legends Curt and Micheline Jenner, not to mention Michele Thums and the accompanying team of expert scientists from AIMS/ Curtin.


Filming 2nd camera and audio for REFLEX FILMS AUSTRALIA

Research with AIMS

A long standing Client, I've shot with many times over the years to produce content for their social pages and also there upper tier Clients, such as SANTOS and Woodside. The Marine Noise Project, based in Broome had it's challenges with vessel clearance and lab permissions but we still managed to pull together an informative video to get the project out there.

"How it Works" Video For Clear Energy

The brief here was to create an introductory "How it Works" video for Clear Energy. Using 90% stock video, a local Perth voice over artist and some graphic manipulation, the video now sits on their website and is also used in conferences/ presentations as an introduction video to brief the audience.

Gilberts Fresh App

Answering client needs to produce an informative video on their new in store App. Gilberts have been working hard to produce an App to help their customers plan their meals and shopping, I've been shooting their enWorking with the talented Kate Flower Food Stylist on this one.

Gilberts Fresh Advert

A fun little promo ad for a Fremantle store.

Coral Bleaching in NW with AIMS

A short film made for AIMS about the coral bleaching event that affected Scott Reef in our North West. A sad story of how a once beautiful pristine reef system suffered a drastic fate. All footage shot and edited by myself and audio supplied local composer.

athelete Michael Booth

I've been working with Boothy for a few years now, mainly creating content for his social pages and sponsors. Lots of drone work, but also interview style videos.

Starboard 2020 product shoot

A dream job using helicopters, drones, underwater and land based cameras to capture 10 of the Starboard sponsored riders including world champions, tearing up the water in Margaret River and Esperance. 10 days chasing the board riders around the South West filming each new board and descriptive interviews to go with. Edited by Starboard's internal team. For more examples see their YouTube channel HERE

Indigenous Ranger Workshop - Bardi-Jawi

This workshop was the second Indigenous ranger monitoring workshop across tropical Australia was completed in Bardi-Jawi country in August 2018. I got to spend a week in country, following the Rangers and seeing their well managed sea country up close. A truly fantastic experience and well thought out project by AIMS.


My first 3 workshops with the indigenous Ranger groups, this was filmed at Groote Islandt over 2 trips. When scientists and ranger groups interact, a big part of working together is getting the language right. The first language of the Groote Eylandt Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers‚Äč in the Northern Territory, is Anindilyakwa - one of the oldest languages in the world.